Comprehensive Risk Management, Inc., an experienced and efficient Third Party Administrator providing Workers’ Compensation Services for Group Rated, Self-Insured and State Funded Employers.

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Listen to you and utilize our professional team's years of experience to aggressively, accurately, and efficiently manage your workers’ compensation plans. We will work directly with your outside legal counsel to provide legal representation at hearings.
To develop the most effective strategies designed to reduce your workers’ compensation costs while securing excellent care for your employees that will result in a prompt return to work.

To better serve our clients we needed to conduct a thorough analysis of the Group Rating Companies and the programs that they had to offer.  We ran various payroll scenarios with 81 clients to see who the most cost effective Company is.  CRM had overwhelming produced the best results.  CRM was the most cost effective for 77 clients.

Group rating premiums was not the only deciding factor.  We came to find out that the level of personal service given by CRM was above and beyond all their competitors. CRM made my job easier as many times they were one step ahead of me especially with deadlines and filings. All of our needs and questions are answered promptly.

I always tell people, if its BWC its CRM they are simply the best choice.

Mark Valenti RTRP
BTS Services
H & R Block Brunswick